Volunteer Requirements (Lambton Attack Girls Hockey)

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Volunteer Requirements-2018/2019 season

A $300.00 volunteer cheque made payable to Lambton Attack, post dated to  March 31, 2020, will be required per family. The volunteer cheque is worth 3 volunteer credits. Volunteers will have their cheque returned, or destroyed once their credits are complete.

Volunteers are needed to allow our association to run smoothly, and to offer more affordable hockey to our players. Fundraising through Silverstick helps to cover the costs jerseys, ice time, and providing support and training to our bench staff.

Volunteer cheques will be collected by managers, an are to be returned to the board by October 15, 2019. Cheques are to be submitted to the team of the youngest player in the family.

Volunteer Opportunities exist as follows:

Board Positions
Holding and fulfilling the duties of a board position will be valued at 3 volunteer credits.

Team Positions 
1. Holding and fulfilling the duties of Head Coach for a team will be valued at volunteer credits
The following bench staff positions will be valued at  3 volunteer credits:

Assistant Coach



** Each team will have a maximum of 5 bench staff positions which will be counted towards volunteer credits.
3. On-ice (maximum 2 per team) will earn 2 credits 
        4.      Dressing Room attendants (2 per team) will earn 3 credits
4. Time and Score keepers (1 each per team)will earn 3 credit

Other Positions
Petrolia Silverstick Kitchen Co-ordinator - 3 credits 
Petrolia Silverstick Kitchen - 1 shift = 1 credit
Picture Night Coordinator- 3 credits
Picture Night Helper - 1 credit
Banquet Night Coordinator - 3 credits
Banquet Night Helper (max 2 people) - 1 credit
Golf Tournament Coordinators - 3 people - 3 credits each (to be used towards season after tournament)


  • Additional opportunities to volunteer and support the association will be posted on the website throughout the year. Please watch the website for opportunities to volunteer!!

  • Adjustment to credit requirements will be made at the discretion of the board if there are not sufficient opportunities for families to earn their credits (i.e. reduction from 3 credits to 2 credits per family)
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